Why Amazon is packing boxes to be the ‘Amazon of packing boxes’

By Sam Gevirtz, ESPN.com Staff WriterThe Amazon of packing containers, a term coined by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, may be taking on a life of its own as the company is preparing to launch a new line of high-density packing boxes.

The new boxes are meant to be “more environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, more environmentally friendly in nature,” according to a company announcement.

The company is making them with the goal of “reducing carbon footprint, and delivering a more sustainable product that is environmentally friendly,” according the announcement.

Amazon has not yet said how much of its product will be made in these boxes.

Amazon, however, said in a statement that the boxes will “enable our customers to make their own boxes for their needs,” and the company will be able to “sell them for more than we have before.”

The company will make the boxes at its Seattle, Wash., headquarters.

The company also plans to start selling its product through the Amazon Marketplace.

The Amazon statement says that the new boxes will be available in a range of sizes from 20 inches to 50 inches wide, and they will be lighter than standard Amazon boxes, and will also have a lower weight.

They are expected to start shipping in April, but Amazon did not offer a timeline for when those orders would be ready.

Amazon is hoping that the high-tech packaging will help reduce the environmental footprint of its products, which have been criticized for using large packing cases that are too heavy for large objects.

Amazon says its packaging will save on shipping costs, and the boxes are expected “to save millions of pounds of carbon-dioxide emissions each year.”

The Amazon boxes will use “a carbon-neutral, biodegradable polymer, which has been proven to absorb carbon dioxide, while remaining flexible, durable and strong.”

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