When is the last time you saw a packing box?

A new study suggests that a new type of packing box is gaining in popularity.

Researchers at the University of Virginia found that people are using packing boxes in nearly half of all U.S. homes.

The researchers say the popularity of packing boxes is a result of many factors, including the ease of transporting items and the cost of materials.

“When I say we’re seeing a proliferation of this type of box, I don’t mean people are doing it all the time,” said Daniel E. Ebeling, a professor of economics and director of the Virginia Center for Applied Economics.

“But it seems to be a common, well-known and well-understood tool that is being used.”

The researchers conducted a survey of nearly 50,000 households in the U.K., Germany, the U, U.C.L.A., Switzerland and Spain and found that nearly 80 percent of households used packing boxes at least once in their lifetime.

The researchers also found that consumers were most likely to use a packing mat.

That is, a rectangular box with a top opening that is used to pack a large number of items.

They also said that people who use a mat are most likely use it to take items out of their homes and to store them.

The new research is one of the first to look at the use of packing mats by Americans and the research has implications for the future of packing, according to Ebelings.

“This research has shown that there’s a large market for packing boxes,” he said.

“It’s a market that is now growing at a rate of 10 percent per year.

That’s huge, and it has the potential to grow to 50 percent by 2020.

And that’s just a small part of what is being done by packing companies in the United States.

The next step is to look closely at the different ways that packing companies are using this box, so that we can better understand where this is going.”

The study found that the majority of households use a box that has an interior opening of more than 8 inches, while about 50 percent of respondents reported using one that is less than 8.5 inches.

In terms of material, the researchers found that most people use an elastic or mesh material, which is usually made of plastic.

But some people said they were using a material that can be used as a packing bag.

Ebelings said the research shows that people want to store their things in their homes, and that they are looking to pack as much of their possessions as possible.

“It’s really a matter of convenience,” he told The Washington Post.

“You can pack more stuff in your home.

It’s really easier to do.”

He added that the number of people who say they have used a packing board in the past year may be an indication that people will continue to use packing boxes.

“The number of times people have used the packing board has been rising steadily over the last decade,” he explained.

“That may indicate that the trend is accelerating.

But we need to wait and see what it’s like for a few more years before we can say anything about that.”

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