A ‘gimmick’ to save your bacon? The next step in the world’s most ridiculous Christmas is almost here

I have been trying to figure out how to make the perfect Christmas present for a family of four.

I have come up with a recipe for a simple stocking stuffing and it works great.

I will call it the ‘snowy’ stocking stuffing, but the idea is to make a stocking that looks like a snowball.

The snow is filled with stuffing and covered in a layer of chocolate and a little bit of butter.

The chocolate layers make it a little festive and the butter layer adds a little texture to the stuffing. 

In this recipe, I use three types of chocolate, but you can also use any chocolate that you like. 

The best way to make this is to cut a piece of plastic and then put it on the back of a cookie sheet and freeze it in a plastic bag.

You can also make a small bowl with the plastic inside and put it in the freezer.

This will make a really cute stocking for the kids to use as a Christmas gift.

The recipe also works great for the Christmas shopping season, when you want to keep things simple and simple things. 

A Christmas stocking with a snowy chocolate base, with a small plastic bowl on top. 

This is a super easy stocking to make.

Just fill the plastic bowl with chocolate and put a layer over the top of the chocolate. 

(Photo: Sarah Smith) You can also fill a large bowl with a mixture of peanut butter and cocoa butter and freeze that as a stocking.

This stocking is really good for kids to play with, and you can make them come back for more Christmas presents, if you wish.

I love how this stocking looks on my kids, and they love how cute they are when they open it. 

I love this stocking, because it makes a Christmas stocking for all of us. 

You’ll need: Two small plastic bowls, about two inches wide and about two and a half inches deep. 

Two large plastic bowls about three and a quarter inches wide. 

An old stocking. 

2 large plastic bags (about three and half pounds each). 

One or two large plastic spoons. 

One large plastic spoon. 

Mashed chocolate.

I used about two cups of chocolate for this recipe. 

Method: Put the bowls, spoons and spoon into the freezer, in a bowl of warm water. 

Add the chocolate to the bowl.

 Fill the plastic bowls with chocolate.

Add a little more chocolate to fill the remaining plastic bowls.

Take the plastic spoon and put the bowl and spoons back in the refrigerator for two hours, until the chocolate has set up.

Pour the chocolate mixture into the plastic containers and put them in the fridge for one hour.

Remove the plastic container from the fridge and put in a dish to cool completely. 

Remove the bowls and spoon from the plastic. 

Place a small layer of the mixture over the base of the spoons, and place the spoon on top of it.

Place the spool in the plastic, and put another layer on top, if it looks too snowy.

Put the plastic in the microwave for about one minute, or until the top is almost completely melted. 

Put it back in a freezer for one more hour. 

When the chocolate is ready, put the plastic on the counter. 

Let it set for about three minutes. 

Cut the plastic and place it in an old stocking, and freeze for a week or so. 

Pour chocolate over the chocolate, and let it set.

Once it has set, cut out a little snowflake pattern on the plastic for the stocking.

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